In response to our client demands for more accurate, safer and competitive condition inspections, Mincka Engineering has introduced  aerial based inspection services. Our drones along with extensive condition inspection expertise and proprietary processing software makes us the most effective company when it comes to inspecting and assessing critical infrastructure. 


Ideal for inspecting large infrastructure, our drones allows us to investigate in close detail and safely with a diverse arrange of sensors for specific applications. Unlike EWPs and other more hazardous methods, our drones are able to capture high-density photos from all angles, often impossible to be reached for lack of access or safety reasons.

From its pictures we have the ability to create orthomosaics of vast extension of land and extract valuable information to develop water, wild life and vegetation management plans, 3D mesh point clouds of plant and infrastructure.

Councils, mining operations, industrial production plants are now enjoying the benefits of being able to scan large objects using an aerial drone. 

Ideal for inspecting large sites, our industrial grade drones allow us to investigate the condition of the asset in close detail and safely,. Often eliminating completely the risk of working at heights and proximity to hazardous energies

We specialize in presenting the inspection information in the form of Risk Maps. All inspected events are geo-referenced in updated maps of the facility that can be accessed from mobile devices and desktop.


3D Point CloudLaser scanner quality 3D points that can be shared to other software such as AutoCad or Inventor for further processing.

OrthomosaicsWith georeferenced outputs and quick data acquisition easily monitor your sites over time using digital surface models and orthomosaics.

Volume Measurements: Simple volume calculation in the 3D point cloud for accurate measurements of earthwork and more.

Ray Cloud Images: Generate 3D mesh models of your critical assets; share this information with remote teams and suppliers without the need of expensive site visits.

Thermal Modelling: Perform aerial based thermal inspections of machinery components without the need of shutting down expensive equipment or having to access hazardous areas. These thermal images can be overlay 3D meshes for an enhanced viewing experience.

Environmental MonitoringCreate terrain models, orthomosaics, index maps, vegetation differentiation, 3D terrain models, point clouds and contour lines for environmental monitoring.